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Preventative Maintenance

From initial selection through the creation of a custom maintenance program, KLM Engineering, Inc. delivers consistent and superior results. We have a dedicated staff, which includes engineering, NACE Certified, and AWS Inspectors. KLM has everything needed to make certain your water tank is maintained the way it should be. This maintenance ensures long-term operation and our maintenance programs are cost-effective.

01 Thorough Inspections

Maintenance plans begin with inspections. We offer several inspection services, such as:
We will utilize the right inspection method, so it is done quickly and cost-effectively to avoid lengthy service interruption. In many cases, a service interruption can be avoided completely. Make sure to visit our Inspection and Evaluation page for more details on the listed methods KLM provides.

02 Comprehensive Maintenance Plan

KLM uses the results of the inspection to determine the exact maintenance plan tailored to your needs. A maintenance plan can include regular inspections and repairs before they become detrimental to your structure. It can also incorporate repairing the coatings and other components within the system. Not every utility or company requires the same plan, so we ensure the plan is completely tailored to your needs. KLM also performs maintenance that meets your schedule.
KLM will find the most cost-effective plan possible so that your water tank is in good operating condition for the long-term.
The following is an example of what our maintenance plans may include:

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Water tank maintenance is an important part of ensuring the functionality and safety of the tank. Without regular maintenance, the tank and/or tower can fail, causing liability issues and other expensive problems. To learn more about how KLM Engineering, Inc. please –

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