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Meet the KLM Team

To provide a combination of client satisfaction with industry expertise, KLM has assembled a team specific to the needs of our clients. KLM’s team has an extensive knowledge base specializing in water storage systems, whether it be inspection, recondition, coatings, designing a new tank, or telecommunications. To ensure each project is held to the highest of standards, our team consists of engineers and certified inspectors by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) and American Welding Society (AWS).

Shawn A. Mulhern - President/ CEO

Mr. Mulhern has been inspecting, testing, and evaluating water towers for over 36 years. He has been involved in the inspection of over 300 elevated water towers, ground storage reservoirs, and industrial tanks of sizes ranging from 50,000 gallons to 120 million gallons. Shawn is a NACE Level III Certified Coatings Inspector. He is also an avid volunteer and educational presenter nation-wide.

Rodney J. Ellis - Vice President/ COO

Mr. Ellis has extensive experience working with a wide range of municipalities, military, and industrial facilities. He has worked on hundreds of water storage reservoirs, lead abatement projects, industrial tank reconditioning projects, water treatment plants, and bridges over the past 29 years. Rodney is a NACE Level III Certified Coatings Inspector and an AWS Certified Welding Inspector. Rodney offers significant benefits to clients because of his work with all types of contractors on many types of complex projects.

Ben Feldman, P.E. - Civil Engineer

Mr. Feldman has worked in both the private and public sectors starting out his career as an engineer and project manager at the Midwest leader in designing state-of-the-art municipal facilities and other complexes. Ben’s project experience ranges from treatment plants, pump stations, distribution studies, to maintenance plans. He is also an active member of the Minnesota section AWWA as Board Security-Treasurer for over four years. Ben provides KLM’s clients with creative, cost-effective solutions, exceptional service, and a level of quality as if it were his own.

Thomas Brown, P.E. - Professional Engineer

Mr. Brown is a registered Professional Engineer with an emphasis on structural engineering and over 13 years of experience in engineering. His skillset includes structural drafting, architectural drafting, bridge plan detailing and project management skills in structural steel, reinforced concrete, masonry, precast, post tensioned and wood projects in urban engineering and development. Mr. Brown’s experience and skills are an invaluable asset to the KLM engineering department.

Joseph Clasemann, E.I.T. - Engineer In-Training

Mr. Clasemann is a certified Engineer In-Training (E.I.T.) pursuing his Professional Engineer certification. He holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering from the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities and has experience utilizing programs such as AutoCAD, SAP2000, and Mathcad in reinforced concrete and steel projects. Since starting at KLM, he has shown an eye for detail and holds a great future in the water storage industry.

Scott Kriese - Project Field Supervisor

Mr. Kriese is a NACE Level III Certified Coatings Inspector with fourteen years of experience on projects including surface preparation, coating application, and inspection services during reconditioning, new tank construction, and structural repairs on water storage tanks and towers. Scott is currently a Project Field Supervisor overseeing NACE inspectors who are performing daily inspections of new and reconditioned water storage tanks. Scott has provided resident inspection services or oversite on hundreds of potable water and fire protection tanks during his tenure at KLM.

Tadd Oachs - Telecom Manager

Mr. Oachs has worked in the telecommunications industry for over nine years. His knowledge and skill in the field, along with his experience with some of the newest technologies, are an asset to KLM projects. Tadd’s extraordinary focus and strategic way of thinking, with his uncanny ability to facilitate clear communication between different teams and departments, is invaluable to completing projects on time and within budget.

Olivia Harrington - HR Director

Ms. Harrington has been with KLM for over three years. She started as an administrative assistant and has since been promoted to HR director. Olivia has a background in human resources, administration and business. She works directly with our finance manager, Laurie, to process payments and manage payroll. She is an expert in our file system and database, and is a vital part of the team.

Matthew Wesley - AR Administrator

Mr. Wesley has been in the customer service industry for over eight years and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration from Minnesota State University – Moorhead. His responsibilities include generating invoices, maintaining bookkeeping and customer files, and managing any information related to accounts receivable. Matt has been with KLM since November 2021. 

Dewey Prinzing - Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Prinzing has been in the construction, inspection, testing, and evaluation industry for more than 20 years. He has been involved in the inspection of elevated water towers, ground storage reservoirs, and industrial tanks of sizes ranging from 50,000 gallons to three million. Dewey transitioned his knowledge as a NACE Inspector to his current role in sales. In sales, Dewey successfully assists clients with their various needs whether it be on rehabilitation, new tank construction, structural repairs, evaluations, tank cleaning, or mixing.

Michael Novitzki - Director of Business Development

Since joining KLM, Michael has been able to utilize his skills in sales to excel in the water storage industry with a desire to assist communities of all different sizes. Michael has been involved in projects ranging from 50,000 to over one million gallons. Michael’s goal to make sure every community has a positive experience regarding their water storage tank is evident in his superior workmanship and making sure the needs of his clients are taken care of. Michael was previously a member of the MN-AWWA Young Professionals and is currently a valued member of the MN-AWWA MAC Committee. He graduated with his MBA from the University of St. Thomas-Opus College of Business. 

James Creed - Great Lakes Regional Sales Manager

Mr. Creed is the Regional Manager located in our New Lennox, Illinois, office. He has a combined 30+ years in the coatings industry primarily in general industrial, OEM, marine, protective coatings and linings. The knowledge and understanding of protective coatings, surface preparation, and local, federal, and industry regulations Jim brings to KLM, confirms clients are receiving the most reliable guide for their assets. Jim is also a NACE Level III Certified Coatings Inspector and SSPC Certified Concrete Coating Inspector.

Tom Quammen - West Central Regional Manager

Mr. Quammen is the Regional Manager located in our Prairie Village, Kansas, office. He has a combined 30+ years of water tank/ tower experience, first as a NACE and UT inspector for a small structural engineering firm in Minneapolis, then as a Principal Tnemec Company Representative, first in MN, then CO, ID, MT, NM, NV, UT, and WY. In addition, Tom has knowledge of structural engineering, extensive protective coatings experience, and ACI/ ICRI training. His skills and experience are an asset to KLM and to our clients.

Chad Caldwell - Business Development/Inspector

Mr. Caldwell has worked as both a business development representative and inspector for KLM since January 2022. He brings 10 years of experience in the oil field as a lead lease operator, which translates well into the water industry. This level of knowledge and experience ensures KLM clients receive the best solutions and quality of work. Mr. Caldwell was also trained through the TWI Institute of Training and holds numerous OQ certifications.

Michelle Nelson - Operations Coordinator

Mrs. Nelson has been in the water storage industry for more than ten years with an emphasis on operations. Michelle holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Wisconsin- River Falls. She has experience working on projects ranging from 50,000 gallons to two million gallons in size. She brings to her position a broad range of support skills from project management to customer support for antennas, new construction, and reconditioning projects. Her dedication and expertise allow her to streamline communications and workflow to ensure project satisfaction.

Senia Swanson - Marketing Coordinator

Mrs. Swanson has over seven years of experience in marketing. She has worked with companies across the world in copywriting, content marketing, SEO, digital marketing, writing, graphic design, social media, event planning and tradeshows, branding, and video editing. In 2020 she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Wisconsin-Superior and brought her skills to KLM in March 2021.

Nancy Hofer - Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Hofer has worked as an administrative assistant for over 20 years. She comes from a background of customer service in the banking industry. Currently, she uses her skills to help the marketing team and to work with clients answering the phones, managing mixers, and sending out various proposals. Nancy has been with KLM since January 2021.

Emma Jackson - Administrative Assistant

Ms. Jackson joined the KLM team in April 2021. Prior to starting at KLM, she worked for the University of Twin Cities, her alma mater, as an FM Administration Communications Assistant until she graduated in December 2020. Her skills in communications allows for a seamless flow between clients, and engineering and business departments at KLM.

Linda Gnasdoskey - Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Gnasdoskey started at KLM as an administrative assistant in November 2021. She brings a wealth of knowledge from over 35 years of experience in project management for general contractors. Outside of the office you can find her reading, gardening, cooking, and enjoying time off with her husband and two cats.

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