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The floatdown inspection method is a comprehensive hands-on water tower inspection method. In fact, it is KLM’s specialty. A KLM NACE Coatings Inspector will utilize a sterilized rubber raft to examine the interior structure and evaluate the existing coating integrity while the tank is drained. An inspection report is provided, identifying areas of issue, recommendation, and photos.

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When you hire KLM Engineering, owners can trust the accurate results as we exercise the highest quality standards, making sure your tank complies with all codes.
The inspection techniques that are used to gather data may include:
If the tank needs repair, KLM will create a fast and effective repair strategy so that downtime is minimized as much as possible. The end result is a tank that will stand up to wear and tear. It is ideal to have your tank inspected approximately every five years by KLM to ensure its integrity and compliance with local, state, and federal regulations. Regular inspections are a good payoff because they keep your tank in great working condition.

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Floatdown water tower inspection is one of our most comprehensive evaluations. When you need accurate testing performed on the structure to identify failures, we have the tools and expertise to do so. To learn more about our services.

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