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Dry Tank

KLM’s dry tank inspection has the opportunity to provide the most in-depth evaluation of a storage tank. The tank is emptied prior to the inspection, differing from KLM’s ROV inspection where the tank stays in service. This method involves washing down the sediment while the tank is draining. Once the tank is emptied and cleaned, an inspection is performed. During the cleaning process, the tank is disinfected per AWWA regulations prior to filling. A detailed report is provided post-inspection, providing a baseline of conditions documented during the assessment.

01 A Traditional Cleanout

This traditional tank cleanout method is more affordable than using a certified diver to dive inside a tank that is still in service. If you can afford for your tank to be offline for cleaning, this method may satisfy your budget.

02 Services You Can Trust

At KLM Engineering, we give you the service you can trust. When we clean your tank, feel confident that it is cleaned, and you don’t have to worry about being out of compliance. This is reinforced with photographic evidence provided to the owner of pre-cleaning sediment levels and post-cleaning cleanliness. As well as assistance in setting up what interval lengths are needed to continue for optimal water quality based on the amount of sediment removed.

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Dry tank inspections and cleanouts are very thorough evaluation methods and will ensure the tank is as clean as possible. If you need a water tank inspection or cleaning, KLM Engineering can help you. To learn more about our services

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