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Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) Tank Inspection

01 KLM's Specialty

KLM does more Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) inspections than any other water tower evaluation method.
As the importance of water conservation increases across the United States, an excellent alternative to traditional inspection methods like the floatdown or dry tank is KLM’s Remote Operated Vehicle or ROV inspection.
This method is ideal for clients who may have reservations on draining large capacity tanks for periodic inspections. An ROV inspection employs a remotely operated vehicle with recording equipment to inspect the tank for structural and coating deficiencies, and identify sediment levels. The inspection is completed by a NACE Coatings Inspector and reviewed by a member of KLM’s Engineering Department to ensure no issues are overlooked. In addition, a full recording is provided to our clients for their records.

02 Tank Inspection That Meets Your Budget

Budgeting for water tank inspection and maintenance can be difficult. KLM Engineering understands this, which is why we offer ROV inspections. The ROV is an effective tool for identifying the condition of the tank, reservoirs, water towers, and clear wells without breaking the bank. The ROV inspection method preserves efficiency while still being able to complete a task that is critical to the operation of your water tank.

03 Benefits of robotic inspection:

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At KLM, our goal is to provide you with the best possible service for your needs and budget. When you have confidence in your water tower inspection company and its methods, then you have peace of mind that you are in good hands. The service and expertise that KLM provides are what makes us a leader in our industry. To learn more about how KLM can help you with an ROV tank inspection.

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