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Dive Inspection

Dry tank, floatdown, and ROVs are great inspection methods because of their various advantages, but sometimes a driver is needed. KLM’s dive inspection employs a highly experienced underwater inspector to perform a comprehensive assessment of your tank.

01 Sterilized Tank Inspection Method

When KLM performs a dive inspection, our professional divers are completely sterilized. This involves confirming the suit used has no cracks that could expose the water in the tank to the diver. Specialized equipment is used for the dive because the tank is still in service while the diver is inside.
As for why KLM would want to use a diver over ROVs, there are some things that divers can do that ROVs can’t:

02 Using Video Documentation

To ensure a thorough report is generated, divers wear a camera that shows what they see. The high-resolution footage enables us to take a second look after the dive when identifying issues and even show you what the inside of the water tank looks like. If there is an issue, you will see it as well. You will be in the loop the entire time we perform the potable water tank inspection.

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Dive inspection is a method of inspection that gives a first-hand view of the condition and sediment inside a water tank. To determine if you need a dive inspection to evaluate the condition of your tank.

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