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Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (SUAV) Inspection

01 Drone Inspection Company

At KLM, we utilize a small drone carried out by a professionally trained operator to perform aerial exterior water tower and antenna inspections. The tower is inspected from top to bottom using both video and photographic documentation. This eliminates the need for personnel to climb the tower. The footage also makes for a great marketing tool for our clients.

02 Lightweight And Versatile

Inspections done by drones provide a thorough analysis of the exterior of the water tower and the reservoir as some issues are not evident from the ground. We provide you with all inspection information and will give you a straightforward report on any issues that are identified.

03 Your Water Tower Partner

When you have your tank and tower regularly inspected, small issues can be identified and addressed before they become huge problems, saving money in the long term. Therefore, the exterior needs to be inspected no less than every five years. If adverse weather events have occurred and the tower has endured more abuse than usual, it’s good to have it inspected more frequently. Climate has much to do with how often the tank is inspected. KLM will work with you to establish a schedule that works according to your needs and budget.

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At KLM, we are committed to providing you with the best possible service so that your water tank remains in good working condition. Through an exterior evaluation, issues can be found that could compromise the tank. To learn more about our drone inspection service.

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