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Inspection & Evaluation

Inspection & Evaluation

KLM Engineering, Inc. is a leader in water tank inspections and evaluations. With a proper evaluation, KLM is able to provide you with a baseline of the existing conditions of your water storage tank. Our knowledge and expertise allows us to provide an accurate and unbiased report for our clients.
Each of our inspection methods has a specific purpose in mind. For instance, a ROV inspection enables us to take underwater photos and video documentation during the inspection without draining the tank.
A dry tank inspection allows us to evaluate the interior of the tank after it has been drained. Removing the sediment and chlorinating the tank will be performed prior to filling. We will review the inspection methods with you to determine which one is appropriate for your tank, the conditions, and your budget.
We offer inspection services for:

02 Accurate Inspections

At KLM Engineering, you can trust we will give you an accurate inspection. When an issue is caught in time, we can save you from some very time-consuming and costly problems. As well-known, experienced inspectors, KLM knows what to look for and how to rectify the problem. You should expect nothing less from a water tower inspection company that many communities throughout the United States and Canada have relied upon for professional solutions.

03 Long-Term Service Agreements

At KLM, we look not only at the issues of your tank today but also down the road. Whether it be cleanings or AWWA recommended 5-year inspections, KLM is here to monitor your tank and identify any potential deficiencies to ensure you can provide quality water without interruption to your customers. Preventative maintenance will provide cost savings and peace of mind knowing your tank complies.

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Water tank inspections can identify issues in the structure and coating conditions so they can be rectified quickly. It’s important for water tanks to remain in compliance with federal and state regulations for safety purposes. Your water tower needs to be inspected by a company that exercises strict quality assurance standards. KLM Engineering is here to help you.

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