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When Do You Need an Engineer for Water Storage Projects?

When Do You Need an Engineer for Water Storage Projects?

For those planning a water storage project, they might be surprised with how often an engineer is necessary. Even with something one would consider as “simple” as a home renovation can entail an engineer’s help to ensure the structural safety of a home, and is even more imperative when it involves a city’s water infrastructure and storage. While every state’s requirements are unique, this article may help in determining whether or not an engineer is needed, though prospects should reach out to a trusted professional engineering firm to verify before making any vital decisions.

Projects that Require an Engineer

Any project that goes out to public bid under the traditional bidding requirements needs to be reviewed and submitted by an engineer. From there, any specifications need to be approved by the government entity supervising water in the state the project is taking place in.

Projects that Do Not Require an Engineer

If you are looking for someone to inspect your tank and write up a report that details the condition of your tank, you should use qualified personnel, preferably a NACE-certified inspector. In this case, an engineer is not necessary to sign off on the project.

However, if the project affects the interior of a tank, then an engineer must get involved, as well as whichever government entity oversees water, such as the Department of Health in Minnesota or the DNR in Wisconsin.

Why You Should Not Skip Hiring an Engineer

In some cases, states require that plans must be reviewed by an engineer prior to starting the project. Without the approval of an engineer, municipalities and/or industries may be hit with a heavy fine for ignoring this requirement. Engineers limit the liability of owners by addressing issues in the project’s particular specifications.

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