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New Construction

At KLM, we can take on your new water tower construction project. As an industry leading water tower construction company, we ensure that every step of the process is carried out properly and methodically. KLM works in unison with the owner and engineer to make sure their project is a success from start to finish with our five-stage approach to new tank construction.

01 Is A New Tank In Your Future?

KLM provides specification and submittal review, shop coating inspection, welding inspection during the erection, field coating inspection and warranty inspection services. The goal is to ensure that you have a water tower that remains functional for the long-term. The investment of a new water tank is one of the most important assets a community will purchase. Assuming that it’s done correctly is vital.

02 Design, A Comprehensive Specification

Since new tank construction is a specialized endeavor, many customers simply do not have the experience with the regulatory codes that KLM Engineering can provide. We help your engineering firm produce a specification, which is tailored to new tank construction.

03 Shop Inspection

Experience has shown coating failures can frequently be traced back to the original shop coating workmanship. KLM performs shop inspections to mitigate the chance of poor shop coatings, and to ensure adherence to the specification with good painting practices. KLM inspectors look at shop welds, sub-assemblies, surface preparation, paint mixing, and coating application at the fabricator’s facility.

04 Erection Inspection

Tanks are being designed and constructed using modern technology. The days of pounding rivets and over-engineered steel plates are well past us. Although Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) is the typical standard, more often the use of Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) and Flux Cored Arc Welding (FCAW) are becoming prevalent. These combined with ceramic backing has made tank construction more efficient as well as safer for the workers. KLM continues to educate our Certified Welding Inspectors (CWI’s) with recent technology to ensure proper procedures are being used as well as confirming all work is being performed per the specifications.

05 Coating Inspection

KLM’s NACE Coatings Inspectors are specially trained to verify contractor compliance with the project specification by thoroughly inspecting every aspect of the new tower construction from abrasive media blasting to surface preparation and coatings equipment. KLM inspection assures a long lasting finished product.

06 Construction Management

At KLM, we take the construction process very seriously, which means our construction management is very thorough. Our engineering department provides technical expertise during new tower construction, in conjunction with our partner engineering firms, and makes sure critical issues are addressed properly. This provides cost-saving solutions to both the contractor and owner. KLM’s project management team coordinates the construction phases with confident quality assurance standards, providing services such as:

07 Coating Inspection

One element of water tower construction to consider is how the tank is contained. KLM knows the containment requirements, so we can protect your water tank from air contaminants and hazardous materials. The regulatory requirements are strict and we can ensure they are met.

08 Warranty Inspection

After the completion of a new tank project with KLM, a warranty inspection is performed to evaluate the interior and exterior conditions. The warranty inspection phase is important to keep accountable the workmanship of the project and make sure any possible repairs needed are identified and rectified. Each of KLM’s warranty inspections come with a report with documentation for our clients.

Check out our Inspection and Evaluation page for more information on our inspection methods!

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