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KLM Engineering Design-Build projects are all about collaboration. We bring the key components from all aspects of the project when the owner, engineer, and contractor all work together for a common goal. The goal is to create a structure that is in line with the priorities of our customers, their budget, and the required time frame. KLM Design-Build allows the city, KLM, and the contractor to streamline the project phases and control the processes with the team of choice, to perform the work at a reasonable rate, with a known quality of workmanship and expectations.

01 Design

KLM prepares a specification package designed specifically for water storage tanks. The more comprehensive the specification, the more likely the project is on budget, on time and completed with the highest quality workmanship. KLM’s engineering department reviews drawings and other contractor-provided documents for potential problems with OSHA regulations or future maintenance issues. This degree of detail by KLM ultimately saves our client money and time.

02 Construction Management

The project manager and project supervisor work together on managing the project. The project manager does the initial review of submittals and communicates with to help enforce the specification. The project supervisor is the main contact among the contractor representative, inspector, and the client.

03 Construction Observation

A NACE Coatings Inspector is assigned to evaluate and monitor the construction phase for compliance with the specification and quality assurance standards. Such services include:

04 Warranty Inspection

After a Design-Build project is complete, KLM comes back to perform a warranty inspection on the interior and exterior. Our warranty inspection is key as it holds the contractor accountable for their workmanship and makes sure any possible repairs are identified and rectified per the contract. A warranty inspection report is also provided to the client for their records with photo documentation.

The Right Choice for Design Build

By choosing KLM Engineering, Inc., our clients are investing in the expertise of a consultant with a highly recognized reputation for professional workmanship. Our NACE Coatings Inspectors are experienced in various facets of water tower reconditioning from welding, abrasive blasting to painting and rigging. KLM also works closely with industry contractors to ensure you get the right contractor for your project.
Check out our Inspection and Evaluation page for more information on our inspection methods.

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Efficiency and coordination are key to any design build project. At KLM, we have the team in place to manage your project no matter the size. With over 100 combined years of expertise, KLM’s team makes sure our clients are proud of their tanks. Contact KLM Engineering, Inc.

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