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Most water tanks and storage tanks have some sediment resting on the bottom. Some tanks have significant levels of sediment. KLM provides a number of thorough tank cleaning methods to take care of the sediment and biofilm. As our water tank cleaning company cleans the tank, we can also verify the condition of the structure, coating integrity, and provide video footage of the tank floor. 

01 Dry Tank Cleanout

Our experience with coating types and manufacturers gives KLM a competitive edge on how to effectively clean water storage tanks.

There are different types of tank cleaning in which KLM specializes. One popular method is a dry tank cleanout. This method involves draining the tank before cleaning out sediment, then inspecting the interior of the tank.

Our water tank cleaning and inspection service covers these components of the interior:
Check out KLM’s Dry Tank Cleanout page for more information!

02 Tank Exterior Cleaning

Cleaning of the exterior mold, mildew, dirt, and debris can be technically difficult at times. KLM knows and understands what is needed to remove this debris and bring your tank back to like-new condition.
The exterior of the tank shall be cleaned by power washing followed by a rinse of the support structures to remove any streaking, soap, or other debris accumulated during the washing process. After the cleaning, an inspection of the dry surfaces is completed and approved by the owner for their full satisfaction.

03 ROV - Robotic Cleaning

KLM’s robotic cleaning involves using a remote-operated vehicle (ROV) to carry out the cleaning process. When taking the ROV route, KLM is also able to verify the structural condition and take a video of the floor. If you choose robotic water tank cleaning, the tank can remain in service. This is ideal for owners that require minimal downtime or service interruptions for cleaning and evaluation.

Other features of ROV tank cleaning include:

04 Service You Can Trust

When you have the KLM team, you have access to state-of-the-art assessment and cleaning methods. We have staff that is highly experienced in what they do. We also work closely with regulatory regulations to ensure everything we do is in compliance.

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At KLM Engineering, Inc., it is our methods, work ethic, and service that have made us a top choice nationwide for water tank cleaning. We will help you decide on the method that is right for your tank, budget, and other circumstances. 

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