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Monetize Your Water Tower with Antennas!

Monetize Your Water Tower with Antennas!

Monetize Your Water Tower with Antennas!

You can make your water towers work to earn extra income for you!  KLM Engineering would like to introduce you to the engineering and inspection services we can provide during antenna installations on your water storage reservoirs. Having an antenna installed on your water storage tank, whether it be for cellular, wireless internet, or X-M radio, can provide the tank owner with extra income.

KLM Engineering has extensive experience with antenna installations, performing work on over 300 installation projects.  We are also experienced in engineering during reconditioning of water storage tanks with existing antennas, which present a wide range of issues to the contractor.  KLM works closely with companies that own the antennas, as well as the contractors that install antennas.  As a result, these companies understand what we are looking for in our reviews and inspections and work with us to provide a product that is acceptable to the owner.

Our antenna services reduce the long-term financial and maintenance burdens on the reservoir and owner by ensuring the telecommunications company performs the installation in a manner that best serves the primary purpose of the reservoir, and also ensures that the company bears appropriate financial responsibilities.

KLM’s antenna services include:

– Reviewing lease agreements; to ensure that it includes several clauses that serve to protect the city, including working around the antennas and other maintenance costs.

– Reviewing engineering and design; to make sure the structural integrity of the antennas complies with OSHA regulations. We also want to minimize any hindrances to future maintenance.

– Shop inspection of blasting and coating (if necessary) to ensure all components comply with the plans and specifications so the coatings do not fail prior to coatings on the rest of the tower.

– Field inspections to ensure that the welding, blasting, and coating operations are in compliance with the specifications.  KLM also ensures that landscaping and site clean up is performed to the satisfaction of the owner.

While KLM will bill you for the inspections services, however, through an escrow process costs are covered by the antenna owner.  This means you get all the benefits of the antenna service with no financial burden (Federal Communications Act of 1996).

If you are interested in discussing KLM’s services during any antenna installations, or tower reconditioning, you can contact Tadd Oachs, the primary antenna personnel, at 651-773-5111.