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Water Treatment Plants

KLM’s experienced team of inspectors and engineers are also specialists in water treatment plants!
We offer inspection and engineering services for water treatment plants. Our company will take the time to understand the whole scope of the project before dispatching a team of inspectors to confirm the work performed is up to project specifications and standards.

01 Evaluations

Our inspector team will provide thorough evaluations for your water treatment plant to assure the integrity of your system and report any potential coatings or structural issues to be addressed by our engineering team.

02 Cleanouts

Cleanouts are a regular part of water treatment plant maintenance, but they can be a difficult and time-consuming project. Our team is well-equipped in dry tank cleanings to efficiently complete the job and get your plant back online.

03 Specification Writing

Should your plant require coating touchups, structural repairs, or if it is due to be reconditioned, our engineering department will work directly with you to design specifications tailored for your water treatment plant.

04 Inspection Services

KLM performs field inspections to verify the installation has been completed and the components installed follow the plans and good construction practices. KLM inspection also ensures the site cleanup and landscaping are performed to the owner’s satisfaction.

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We also offer NACE/AMPP inspection services throughout your water treatment plant project. Whether it needs basic repairs or an entire reconditioning, our team will be there to ensure quality of work.

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