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At KLM, our goal is to provide our client with complete water tank services from top to bottom. In addition to our nationally-recognized engineering, inspection, reconditioning, and new construction services, KLM offers various product solutions to keep your tank in excellent condition. Services range from mixing systems, safety devices to lighting, to customized products to meet even the largest of needs.

01 Mixing System

Water mixing systems are imperative for maintaining water quality. KLM has installed hundreds of mixing systems, aiding municipalities with reducing ice formation in cold weather, prevent stratification in warm weather, and reduce the need for additives such as chlorine. 
With over 1,500 installations nationwide, a Medora GS series mixer is the perfect fit for your potable water tank. The mixer’s proven durability and performance surpasses that of other mixing systems, as seen by its CFD modeling and customer recommendations.
Benefits to a mixing system include:

02 Videos

Mixing pattern video
Ice Prevention video

03 Expansion Joint

Expansion joints are critical for protecting your tank. They absorb the shock that is put on the inlet/outlet pipe during filling and emptying the tank and absorb thermal expansion.
Expansion joints seem to fail at the worst possible time, usually in the winter. KLM recommends evaluating the expansion joints during scheduled maintenance and replacing them when age and deterioration is recognized. Being proactive by replacing expansion joints will mitigate failures when you can least afford them.

04 Manways

Manways are required for multiple purposes on the tower. Additional manways are required to meet OSHA egress requirements and additional air exchanges per hour. KLM is the only engineering firm that has designed manways for concrete ground storage reservoirs that are approved by both the Minnesota Department of Health and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.

05 Safety Climb Devices

New OSHA regulations require safety climb devices on all fixed ladders. Safety climb devices on wet ladders corrode quickly and become inoperable creating safety issues. KLM has designed Engineered Anchor Points and Self Retracting Life Lines for safe egress into the tower. When a municipality has multiple towers, safety climb devices should be identical to minimize hardware required.

06 Bowl Drain Valves

KLM installs specially designed corrosion resistant bowl drain valves that allow municipalities to periodically clean out the bottom of a tower while leaving the tower in service. These valves replace inoperative valves and/or plugs that are difficult to operate.

07 Fill Pipe Insulation and Aluminum Jackets

Water towers with fill pipes require proper insulation and protective aluminum jackets. Over time improper insulation deteriorates and requires replacement. Proper insulation and protective aluminum jackets provide protection in cold weather against the catastrophic freezing of the pipe.

08 FAA Aviation Warning Lights

KLM upgrades towers with interior, valve pit, and FAA aviation warning lights to LED style lighting. This eliminates safety hazards with city personnel replacing light bulbs.

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