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Fire Protection Tanks

Increased regulations in recent years have lead to many companies and communities to add fire protection tanks. Fortunately, KLM has over 25 years of experience in inspecting tanks. Whether it’s concrete, steel, ground or elevated storage, KLM provides services for all tanks.
KLM follows local, state, and NFPA regulations to ensure your tank meets all statutes and standards, while making sure it fits your needs. We have worked on tanks ranging from 5,000 to 1,000,000 gallons and offer a comprehensive list of services, including:

01 Inspection Services

KLM provides inspection services for a variety of projects, including reconditioning, new construction, and repairs. Our experienced team observes all the phases of the work to ensure it is performed according to the specifications.

02 Evaluations

KLM offers several options, such as drone, float down, dry tank, and ROV evaluations. With a ROV evaluation, owners do not have to worry about taking their tank offline to perform the assessment.

03 Engineering Services

If you are planning on building a new tank, reconditioning your current one, or require structure repairs, KLM provides engineering services to create plans that accommodate your needs while meeting regulations and standards.

04 Design-Build Services

By choosing KLM for design-build services, you can rest assured knowing KLM will bring all the key components of owner, engineer, and contractor together.

05 General Maintenance

From cleanouts to regular inspections, KLM provides services for general maintenance.

06 Asset Management

For those with multiple assets, KLM will work with them to manage their tanks to ensure regular inspections and maintenance is performed.

07 Emergency Services

In case of an emergency, KLM will be there to help get your tank back online. Whether your tank is frozen, has a leak, or a system backup, we’ve seen it all!

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