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Emergency Services & Repairs

An emergency with a water tank can be very stressful. If the tank isn’t working correctly, productivity and supply could be compromised. Worst of all, safety could be compromised. These are all expensive issues, which is why you need a trusted water tower emergency service on standby when there is an issue.
At KLM Engineering, Inc., we take emergencies very seriously, which is why we will work diligently to ensure your issue is resolved as soon as possible.

01 Protecting Health, Sustainability, Safety, And Security

It is the responsibility of a water tower or tank owner to preserve the safety, security, health, and sustainability of the system. Emergencies we have seen:

Make KLM your first call; your insurance company is the must-call.

Fortunately, KLM is there to respond when an emergency presents itself. We will make the right call as to whether the system can remain in operation or needs to be shut down. There are times when we can address an emergency with the tank still in service. If it must be shut down, we can work out a plan to notify the public of the issue so that they are aware.

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Emergencies happen. Fortunately, KLM Engineering, Inc. is here to help you. If your water tower is facing an emergency of any type that could open you up to liability or anyone to injury.

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