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Asset Management

Asset management can be time consuming. There are physical components like tanks, valves, pipes, pumps, and other components that make up the whole system. These assets deteriorate as the system ages, which means they lose value. With deterioration, the level of service provided may become compromised. This can result in an increase in operation costs, which the community may be unable to afford. KLM’s water tank asset management service will help you manage your assets so your system remains in good working order.

01 A Comprehensive Approach To Managing Assets

KLM Engineering, Inc manages system assets so that owners can make better decisions when it comes to caring for those assets. Asset management is the act of meeting a required level of service in the most cost-efficient way possible. This is done through construction, operation, inspection, maintenance, and rehabilitation of assets when needed.

There are several reasons why effective asset management is needed:
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While cost is a very important part of asset management, it isn’t the only element that is a priority. The intent behind asset management is to ensure the long-term operation of the water tower or storage tank.

02 Straightforward And Honest Approach

Several tools may need to be integrated along with existing systems to create a plan that supports a solid asset management program. KLM works hand in hand with owners to make sure the plan works for their needs.
When KLM creates an asset management plan, it will contain some core components. Those components include:

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Having KLM as your consultant for water tank asset management company will save you time and money, as it is best to have experience on your side. 

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