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NSF 600: Changes Coming to the Water Industry

On April 27, 2020, NSF International released new regulations and rules for the water industry: NSF 600, otherwise known as NSF 60 & NSF 61. These standards will go into effect on January 1, 2023, to give owners, contractors, and engineers time to prepare. If you are concerned about what NSF 600 means for you,… Read more »

Cold Weather Procedures for Water Storage Tanks

Preventing the Formation of Ice in Water Storage Tanks One very simple method to prevent or minimize the formation of ice in water storage tanks is to allow the tank to drop the head as much as possible (to the lowest water level and/or pressure that the owner is comfortable with) before starting to pump… Read more »

Assuring Your Water Quality

It’s important to ensure that your utilities provide your residents and community with clean drinking water, from your reservoirs, water storage, and water towers. It’s also important that your facilities are clean and in good working condition, to make sure the coatings and your overall interior structures are undamaged and the tank bottom is free… Read more »

Monetize Your Water Tower with Antennas!

You can make your water towers work to earn extra income for you!  KLM Engineering would like to introduce you to the engineering and inspection services we can provide during antenna installations on your water storage reservoirs. Having an antenna installed on your water storage tank, whether it be for cellular, wireless internet, or X-M… Read more »

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